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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maybe a new blog might be better?
But i'll come back to this blog to see see , and might post here sometimes (:

December's Love.

Friday, March 20, 2009
Replies to all tags.

Alright , I will cheerup de!
I won't emo or go slash or something. (:
Yes , and I will live life the fullest.
Thanks ! For the hugs , advices , cheering me up yesterday during training , MSN , etc.
I might MIA for quite long till I get okay. Depends on time. & just changed song.
Heard this from my sister's MP3 , find it quite nice.
Well , people enjoy life!

December's Love.

What can I say right now?
I really don't know.
Sorry to all people. I didn't play floorball properly.
Didn't play the games , i'm not focus i'm sorry.
And sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I guess it's pretty late to say that right now.
You all can say i'm selfish. Seriously just scold me and let me wake up my idea.
): It's been great .. Though i'm a little unwilling to let go. But. Nevermind i'll try.

Stay happy alright.
Thankyou FB girls , friends. (: I'll cheer up. Give me time.

December's Love.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
): Holidays are drawing to the end.
It's like &*&%$@!@#!#$!#$!!#@@#$@
Hmmm. Forget it. CCA just filled in my holidays :/ What to do?
Alright stopped at Sunday. Let's start on Monday.

♥Monday 16th March.

(: Ahhhhhhh, Happy first month!

Okay , went to Gombak just to eat a chickenrice because my neighbour said the chicken rice there is nice , there seemed familiar , because Nat and I went there before (: She went for a haircut near by there.
Hahahahs! Dad fetch me to Westmall to meet the others.
Mummy said something funny.
Because my phone ducky keychain is like at there danggling(?) , then my mummy like say
"Later someone snatch your phone how? Better put your phone properly."
Then I looked at my ducky , and just say "Ducky ._."
Then I don't know why she say this "Ducky is Ducky." I was like LOL.
Nevermind i'm a little lame. So , I sat there and like waiting for the others to come.
Walk here and there. Then Shaun , Martin , PC came. Went to arcade? ._. They play the basketball thing. Then Ernest appear out of no where -.-
After that saw BoonKai. :O LOL , after that Shipei came. Then idk luh , one by one , Shannon , Logeys , Weinan , Siva all come. Then went to watch Race to the Witch Mountain.
Well , I have no comments on the movie.
Then went slacking around , went lot1 then saw Wifey , gorilla and their friends.
Gosh. :D Gorilla no change luh. (:
And somethings happened? LOL I don't wanna say what.
Then some of them went home and went to do somethings :D Inconvenient to say. Wheeee.

Tuesday 17th March.

Well super unwilling to wake up ):
Hais , no choice.
Then prepared. Bad hair day. Extremely. My hair was like -.- mygosh.
Then reached school like 7.15 liddat? I thought I was late because of the bus.
Then I went there nobody there. First thing I thought , did i came the wrong time ._.?
After tying my hair then went out I saw Jennifer. LOL. Then slowly got people come lah. (:
Had training , my gosh. Got punished today. Then when we seeing Mr.G talk right , I notice his eyes is like extremely obvious one big one small. I remembered we ask him before why issit one big one small , he said :"I teach you all stress till one big one small -.-"
LOL. Crap.
Went out have lunch and have something happen lah ._. Jennifer you watch out LOL.
Went back to school , did physical , then did skill test. No teacher was in charge , so went back at

Wednesday 18th March.

Had friendly with Kentridge today.
Okay , morning went there then warmup. Actually thought watch movie from 8 - 10 but didn't loh ): Then went down to do reaction test , LOL. Super hot :P
Then cher talktalktalk then we had games. After that they say 12 start friendly. Then we around 11.15 then went out to buy. :O We super kanchiong lah , we went to Alif to takeaway chicken rice. We have troubles to pay the things lah. Because they hear wrong blabla -.- LOL.
We chiong back to school to eat. Then they say 3pm then start game LOL.
No lah , actually we around 1+ start game alr. Super hiong luh number 10.
And some incidents luh. Cause people to cry. ): It's not your fault , you need not cry alright.
It's okay. Okay overall won Kentridge. :) Boys also I suppose. Mygosh our school sec1 boys play till super cute lah. :D Like so small size heeeheeee. Our ideal Defender (Jared?) He defend super good. :P Must learn from him already.
After that we went to Quad to play something idk what.
I only can hear Nat laughing and on the floor LOL.
Well the game is actually teaching us how to move to space.
Creating space , Running into space etc. LOL.
Then settled everything , went back. Went Shakery. Then went back homeee.

- Boy , I don't care what others say.
What they think , negative comments , what's most important is we both trust each other.
And we knew it (: ily , happy first month. <3

December's Love.

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Yesyes hello people.
:P Hahaahaahaahs. It's 16th March tomorrow!
Wheeee. Can't wait for it. :P

Hmmm. Well my weekend wasn't well spent.
): I spend my weekend by eating and sleeping. Gawh I'm fatfat.
I bet my stamina have already dropped. ): Ohmygosh . Let's get it back throughout the training during the Holidays!
Well , it's March Holiday people! (: Yay.
But there's quite a few homework , today have nothing to do so I just took some homework and do. Hohoohohoh.
Anyway , had dinner at Jurong today. Went there makan alot also. Super bloated.
My dad said something quite funny luhs , nevermind wouldn't wish to elaborate.
Twisty makes me addicted :O Ahhhhh.

-I want to meet wifeyy , shirin & Jasmineeee ):
-Class Outing ! BBQ would be great.
-Shopping Spreeeee ^^v
-Tournement will do great.

- Boy , i miss you lots ..

December's Love.

Friday, March 13, 2009
Stopped at Sunday.
Let's start on Monday. Well the main point is the tournement.
One thing to say is I suck at defending. ):
Why? Because I always let the opponent's forward to go into our half , which made Jennifer have two opponents to handle while I don't have the time to run back when she's shooting.
A little disappointed with our performance , but don't worry girls ! We still can do it ! <3 Gogogo.

Sucky day -.-
Well , got sort of moody because of something which I really don't wanna say.
Just sucks :/ Anyway , got punished alot today. Mr.G made us to pushup position then call us do 10 pushups , do halfway he'll say start from zero because some of them didn't count or didn't do the pushup properly , then call us change into sit-up position , too slow change back to pushup. Change change change , call us run here to there. Too slow do again.
Aye. Then play game .. yadaa yadaa yadaa.

Sec2 Camp !!
Everyone got quite , excited? I don't know.
Well , I could say time really flies , 3days2nights camp just passed.

Alright starting day 1.

Assembled at the quad , then chers taking attendance , collect wallets and etc.
After that the instructors came then we went into our groupings , after that get to know each other , my group name is "London". LOL! Drew the flag , there's this very very small guy , (If you went to the campfire the 2 small guy , one was Andrew , the another guy.)
He like super super hyper luhs ! :P LOL , interesting.
Then our group . I can say we didn't bond much , starting of the camp like not so interesting.
Then went to our campsite. O: Dam wulu wulu can.
Put our stuff then went to assemble with our plate , cup , forks & spoon etc.
Makan , then our group did low-elements like the go over to the wall that one.
LOL pushed each other butts :P Girls with girls , boys with boys.
Then did the Rafting , super -.- lahhhhhh.
It's like we used very very long time to tie the thing , then in the end due to shortage of time we didn't play , so just play Water Confidence . Our pants float up :O LOL.
Fun luh , our shoes all blackblack :P
After that need to take out the raft. :/
Went to bathe then went for dinner.
After that did some cheers etcetc. Then play the game "Kidnapped"
Hahahahas , they kidnapped one of our group members then we need to get the correct key , if choose wrong need do forefit then go guess again. LOL :P After that found them then need carry them to the Multi Purpose Hall there. Funfunfun , after that had supper then went to sleeeeep.
Slept beside Yuanqi.

Second Day.

Woke up at 4+ , then noticed alot of mosquito bites. -.-
Went to bathe , then bathe finish already got instructors told us cannot so early leave our room (Bunk). We like "Okokok."
Ate breakfast , then went to kayaking , didn't get to kayak. Me , Yuanqi and got one guy , Shengxiong issit ._. LOl didn't play , so we see other people play the high-element. One girl super funny luh shake so much on top :D LOL. Jiayou !
Felt abit uncomfortable today , so didn't play anything. They went to bathe , so me and yuanqi at there pack our bag nicenice. LOL :P She and her bearbear.
After that I forgot what happened already .. Hmmmm.
Did the high-elements , I wore the thing already but in the end due to shortage of time didn't get to do. LOL. Junjie (The small guy i mentioned just now) was afraid of going up , then i'm the one supporting him below , he cried. We're like cheering for him not to cry gogogo.
Anyway also did Apseling.
But I didn't do gagagaagags ~ Martin don't know what happened , then the instructor for Apseling halfway don't let him continue going down , he require him to sing song. Super funny.
After that was suppose to do rock-climbing , then the instructor like ask us whether we want to play the another high-element anot. We all say okay then some of them went to play.
The high-element is like , you need to climb up to as high as 2 storey then from there you can see a .. something lah then you need to jump and catch the thing.
LOL~! Funny :P After that we did the Campfire preparations. Last-minute came out with a dance. Went to bathe then continue practising , makan then we started with campfire.
Most of us got veryvery high. Hahahahahahas ! (: All the performance was superb.
Went for supper after the campfire then went to sleep ~!

Third day.

Woke up at around 4. Then can't sleep , I straighten my leg then my whole leg cramp.
I at there crawling LOL no luh.
Then I was waiting for Logeys actually , then very hard to go out of the bunk because got instructors at there observing. We can't go out too early , but I don't know what happened we all just bathe and the instructor just don't care. LOL. Then packed up went to the parade square.
:P Hohohhoho , makan breakfast then we carry on with our area cleaning ~! My group did Multi Purpose Hall there , the sand there horh , how you sweep also won't finish one. Mop the floor , sweep the floor , sit down there see them play truth or dare.
Then cher and instructors at there talktalktalk then went back to school. Then Nat and Logeys went back , actually we all planned to watch movie but in the end it turn out to be tomorrow? I not sure. So went to westmall with Shaun LOL. (: Wheeeeeeeeeee.
Okie , I won't elaborate much. Shhhhh. Byebye :D

December's Love.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello lovely , I guess I didn't post about one incident right?
About being released late from Geog. Class on Wednesday.
Horrible luhs. Hungry like crazy , :X Ms. Erlinna super unhappy most of us didn't do the Project well luhs , of course it cause like 25% of our CA mark. I guess i'm flunking Geog.
:/ yeah , our recess was suppose to be at 1040am yet we go down at 11am.
She made us do corrections at 1035am liddat loh ! O:< *(&*^#$!#!@#$
It's like so many to write , cannot answer questions cannot go down , never write finish cannot go down. We're like so dam fed up.
Then in the end late for Mr.Hoon's lesson and we like 1115am still eating.
Then Mr.Shashi and Mr.Gan at there kachiao us , Mr.Gan still want take our picture -.- we quickly throw our food away and go up. Mr.Hoon's being nice and didn't mind us being late ^^

And yeah , PE did physical. Because some of us wore class tee , some of us in PE attire.
So did pushups etc , running etc and shuttle run. :O LOL

Alright let's start on Saturday.

Got up and went to Market to eat and went to school.
Some of us were late but I suppose Mr.G forgotten about it , and also let them play in the end.
LOLS. Okay , against Huayi + a few of our B'div Seniors (Chahaya , Farah , Fransica(?) , WanHei , Nissebelle) If spell wrong sorry!
So play play play , scored one goal. The ball just rolled in.
Won , but it'll be harder to shoot if the goalkeeper is a strong one.
Stayed at school to cheer for the C'boys. Hahahahahs. Cheered then at stage playplayplay.
C'boys thrashed them 22-2. (Think so.)
Mr.G taught us how to do wall in the game if have free hit.
That's what he say :"I know you all play with Merah sure will slash with their stick one , always will have free hit one." -.- LOL.
So did wall , LOL dam funny. Then went to Shakery to makan noodle , owe Huiyun laopo $3.
Then bused back home prepared then went to Lot1 there to meet Shaun.
Sat 985 to Westmall . Catch the 450pm show of "Marley & Me".
Cried a little when Marley dieeee D:
Hais. Anyway a few things happened before the movie , during the movie and after the movie O:
LOL. (:
Then bused back home. Went downstairs to buy my dinner saw sis buying fried rice ._.
Went up eat onlined awhile went to sleep.

Today , sunday

Mygosh gosh gosh , tomorrow's the tournement. Merah merah merah :P
Let's go girls wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Agressive~
Okay , got up in the morning then sister occupied the computer can't use -.-
After prepared , then it's like 12+ i got so bored so went to Wifey's house.
Aw Wifey sweet fry eggs (: Share share the eggs. Ate bread with eggs then inside the eggs got crabmeat and eggs LOL. Then chitchat. Talked about alot of problems. O: Gogo wifey.
Okay , sat 187 to JP. The weather is superrrrrrrr freakinggg hot.
Reached , met Nat then went around to find her Camping bag. Couldn't really find.
Trained to Westmall . Yeah one thing happened. Nat said a mistake which is super funny.
Laughed till like zomg LOL.
Which i'm not going to say what :P
Reached Westmall , then the shop wasn't open. I told her maybe the person on Lunch break.
LOL. :P Then walked walked. Waited for the shop to open. We're standing outside the shop then she said :"Wahhh. The person dam long lah -.-" Then got one woman passed by , then open the shop. LOL
She choosed her bag , it actually cost $100+ now selling at $50+. Super cheap.
Then went to her market there she cut her hair. We waited for don't know how long.
She don't let me read comics LOL. So we looked at the file which contain alot of type hairstyles.
We look at laughed at it. :P LOL Okay she cutted bangs , and thin. :D Hahahas saw Jasmine Ang Kar Min !! Gosh been ages that i didn't saw her O: Must meet up soon.
After that trained homeeee. (:

December's Love.

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:B I need not teach you BasicManners.


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